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Ebay In The News

Supreme Court to hear eBay patent case plea

Xbox frenzy on eBay  >>

County Jail Is Being Sold on EBay >>

eBay announces Sun AMD Dual Core x64 Alliance >>

Ebay System Announcements

If you are experiencing difficulties logging into Ebay >> Check the System Announcements Board

Ebay General Announcements

Changes to Store Inventory Durations  >>more info

Enhancements to Best Offer for eBay Motors Fixed Price Listings  >>more info

New Logos Within eBay Stores
>>more info

Updated: Business Registration, Add Pictures to Revised Items, and Digitally Delivered Goods
>>more info

Save The Date: eBay Town Hall Event with Bill Cobb -- Thursday, January 26th
>>more info

Find your product on Ebay - Win the auction with Cricket bidding software!

Winning Ebay auctions consistently is not a matter of luck. One only needs to understand and apply the proven bidding techniques used by thousands of successful bidders. These Ebay auction "secrets" include knowing how to properly determine a winning bid amount, and knowing when your bid should be placed. The seasoned Ebay veterans know very well how using bidding software, also known as snipe software, dramatically increases their winnings while allowing them more options when it comes to managing their time.

Cricket Power Sniper

Click here to download free 15 day software trials
The first computer program ever designed to automate the tasks of Ebay bid submission means Cricket Power Sniper is the longest running most dependable bid snipe software available. Relax while Cricket does your bidding.   >> more information

Cricket Safe2Bid

Leave all your feedback duties to Safe2Bid. Be aware of complaints before you bid. Check registered Ebay User ID's for the warnings others have left for you to see. Post virtually unlimited numbers of feedback with a simple mouse click. Be alerted to fraudulent behavior patterns.   >> more information

Cricket Multi Browser

Eliminate those long disorganized lists of bookmarks or "Favorites". Cricket Multi Browser loads your collections of related websites for convenient browsing.   >> more information

ProStores - an eBay Company

ProStores 1 Month Free Trial

ProStores in an off-eBay, award-winning web store building solution that enables small and medium sized businesses to sell products and services online through a fully customized Web store.

Creating a ProStores Web store is made easy with nine built-in wizards that help you design the look of your store, upload products, and set up shipping and sales tax information. With ProStores Business tier and above, you’ll also have access to 24/7 toll-free tech support to help you with any issues you encounter using ProStores setup, design and management tools.

ProStores offers four tiers of service to accommodate businesses at every level, from small hobbyist to the retailer selling millions each month. The features at each tier can be added on seamlessly, so it’s easy to upgrade as your business grows.

One Month Free Trial! ProStores - an eBay Company

Custom Software Solutions

Not a programmer and need a Windows programming solution? Choose from our list of custom controls or let us know what your needs are. Reasonable rates are the rule.

>> more information

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Target Your Ebay Bid Amount

Is last second bidding or "Sniping" all you need to know about winning more Ebay auctions?

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Cricket Bulletin Board

Check the Bulletin Board for the latest notices concerning cricket snipe products

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Product Downloads and Updates

Check here for available downloads and software updates

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eBay Education

Check here for brain food

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How It Was

Check here for ancient eBay trivia

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Media Coverage

Check here for Cricket in the media

>>more info

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