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Sniping - What is it?

Sniping is the art of bidding in the last 10-20 seconds of the auction. The intent of the Sniper is to take the high bidder position within a few seconds of the auctions end. Read my Snipe FAQ for more information. You can also check out what Dennis Prince has to say about Sniping. Dennis also wrote a feature article for entitled The State of Sniping. Mark Cantrell, Technology Columnist for reviewed the program calling it a favorite and stated, " If you’re a die-hard sniper, grab a copy of Cricket Jr."

Cricket Jr Power Sniper is a highly developed Stealth program that places a bid for you in your absence!

Ebay is in the Auction Business and makes their money off the Sellers. To make the most money they can off the seller, they need, want and pray for you to bid early in the game and they want you to bid ALL you feel the item is worth with your first bid... Does Ebay know what Sniping is? You bet ! Ebay's glossary definition of Sniping is really an argument against the practice!

There is a way to protect yourself from snipers and prevent being outbid at the last moment. If you bid the absolute maximum you are willing to pay, our proxy system will do the work for you"

What the above should really say is, the only way to protect yourself from being bid up during the auction is to Snipe! Ebay would like you to perceive that you must be Protected against the Sniper!

Look at this statement in the official Snipe Glossary:

"If someone places a last-second bid that isn't high enough, they almost never have enough time to get back in and place a winning bid before the auction ends"

  • The argument against Sniping is exactly why you should Snipe!

  • You are bidding your maximum bid thus you have no intention of coming back to bid again!

  • You do not want anybody else to have time to come back and bid you up further!

  • You bring an end to bidding frenzy!

  • You save money, not spend more!


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