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Do you find yourself loading up multiple browsers to view your favorite web pages? How would you like to have your favorite bookmarked web pages together in one neat little pile? I believe everyone would agree, if you don't update your bookmarks and favorites it becomes such a time consuming task that you simply wade through that long semi organized list and hope that the link you click is the one you remembered. If this sounds familiar you should consider Cricket Multi Browser, a custom Internet browser that loads collections of related bookmarks. Take for example tasks related to online banking. You could have all the websites involved load in one convenient program. Banking accounts, PayPal, BillPay etc... 

Since most of our software is designed to make Ebaying easier lets talk about their site for a moment. The website of a 1000 clicks! If like most Ebayers you have a dozen or so web pages on Ebay that you frequently visit, this custom Internet browser will save you time and add convenience. Here are some common situations:

You frequent the Ebay chat and discussion boards and participate in more then one board.
You are a seller and have a few favorite competitors that you like to check up on every once in a while.
You are a bidder that likes a few particular sellers and maybe check on a few other bidders occasionally.
You have a half dozen or better searches that you do over and over looking for your treasures?
You are a collector and have a few web sites that you frequent occasionally.
Online newspapers newsgroups and magazines?

Cricket Multi Browser can load all the pages above allowing you to simply tab through them. Among others, my collections include developer sites, web design sites and sites related to graphic design. More often than not, I'm looking for some information in particular but am not sure which site it was that may have my answer. Since my entire collection loads, its a piece of cake to tab through them. What a time saver!

Adding and subtracting websites in your collections is very easy. Take a look at the screen shots, feel free to download the program and take it for a test drive.


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