Cricket Affiliate Program

Join the Cricket Power Sniper 40% four level Affiliate Program!

You have an opportunity to milk the cash cow.

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Affiliates receive commissions for each sale made by a visitor referred to

An affiliate earns 25% from each referred Cricket sale! An affiliate can earn additional money with a four level deep affiliate associate program. This means other affiliates you refer will make money for you!

  1. Lets talk abut you for a moment
  • 25% for yourself
  • 8% for first level associates you refer
  • 5% for second level associates you refer
  • 2% for third level associates you refer
  • 1% for fourth level associates your refer 

Place links on a website to
Place links in an email signature to
Place links in your Blog to

  1. Benefits with participation:
  • Registration is easy! 
  • Lucrative 25%, 8%, 5%, 2% and 1% multilevel commission structure!
  • Full access to the Affiliate membership lounge to review reports!
  • Product is an easy sell because it saves money!
  • Product reputation: First Sniper program on the market in 1997 and still going like the pink bunny!
  • Monthly Pay Check: Can you use another one of those?
  1. Start Earning Now: You do not need a website to milk the cow!


Sign the Agreement, pay a one time set up fee $10 US. After making payment, you will be redirected to the sign up page. Your application will be reviewed and if not accepted your sign up fee will be refunded to you promptly.


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