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The Perfect Store: Inside Ebay

by Adam Cohen

Adam came out to my house in the spring of 2001 to interview me for Time Warner's On Magazine article, The Sniper King

The Perfect Store: Inside Ebay is a must have book! Everything you wanted to know about Ebay and then some. Having been on the receiving end of one of Adam's interviews for several hours there is no two questions about it; you will get your money's worth from this book and with his engaging style of writing you will find the book interesting from cover to cover.

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Ebay For Dummies

by Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier is no doubt the Queen of Online Shopping. I've spoken to Marsha on the phone a few times and we have passed a few emails back and forth. She is witty and sharp as a tack. This is the book to get you over all the newbie Ebay hurdles and hoops!

Marsha lectures at the Ebay-sponsored Ebay University, is a regular guest on the KTLA morning show and made appearances on NBC's Today Show and in the New York Times.

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Check out Marsha's Web Site!

Bid to Win
by by Patrick C. Cook

"We start our exploration by taking a look at what strategic bidding is all about..."

"Bid to Win on eBay is exclusively dedicated to bidding in online auctions. With focus on eBay, this book discusses bidding tactics and techniques for anyone who wants to participate in online auctions in a highly competitive manner. But this book is not just another how-to-bid-on-eBay book. Rather it delves into bidding tactics to a depth you never thought possible. Bid to Win on eBay presents its material in three parts: Foundations, Tactics and Techniques and The 44 Laws of Strategic Bidding. A glossary of online auction related terms is included as well as the book index.

After the Introduction, Foundations outlines the fundamental principles of being a savvy bidder. Discussion begins with the target price, a very important aspect of strategic bidding. This is followed by a discussion of the bidding budget - the tactical use of the money you've allocated to win the auction. Next, compelling reasons are presented for exploring the auction's landscape to remain aware and alert. Finally, strategic planning and deploying bidding tactics are discussed.

The next part, Tactics and Techniques, is core to Bid to Win on eBay. Powerful bidding tactics are discussed including positioning tactics, proxy bidding tactics, bidding tactics in reserve auctions, minimum bidding tactics, bidding tactics with cents and the adjustment bid. Not to be forgotten is the notorious snipe bid tactic where you will get the inside scoop about the snipe bidding tactic - how to snipe bid, its risks and its rewards. This part concludes with a discussion of bidding techniques such as ultra fast bidding and double browser bidding.

Bid to Win on eBay continues with 44 laws of strategic bidding where real-world issues and topics are presented in a no-nonsense manner. The Laws help you apply tactical bidding methods and discuss important issues to help you remain aware and alert."

Patrick wrote this book in 2004 and uses words like Snipe Laws and Target Price. .hmmm Glad my pages date back to the late 1990's!

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