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Cricket Power Sniper
Cricket Safe2Bid
Cricket Multi-Browser

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Cricket Power Sniper

Cricket Safe2Bid

Cricket Multi-Browser

Note: The program will prompt you for a seller code the first time it runs. Your seller code is DSE. Entering the seller code does not commit you to anything if you are downloading the demo. The code is used to make ordering and registering easier if you decide to do so.
(If you have a problem downloading, try a different web browser)

To make the download smaller I have eliminated run time files in the Set Up program. Your computer may not have these runtime files with the end result being that the Set Up program will not run and give you an error.

If this happens you must exit the Set Up program then download the Run Time files from Microsoft per the link below. Install the Run Time files you download from the Microsoft Site Then run the CJFULL.exe file you downloaded. 

Visual Basic 6 Run Time Files - Download and install only if after downloading the Cricket Program the Set Up program does not run. If you receive an error stating you need VB5 runtimes, download and install this file: VB5 Runtimes (The vb5 runtimes do not ship with any OS)

How long does it take to download?

Speeds may vary depending on the quality of your Internet connection. Therefore, downloads may take a minute or so with broadband or 30 minutes to just over an hour for Cricket Jr with modems.

Cricket Jr is 6.3 MB
Cricket Safe2Bid is 3.3 MB
Cricket Multi Browser is 3.5 MB

Minimum Software Requirementsá
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
16 Megs Ram
100 MHz Pentium

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