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Cricket Software Safe2Bid

If you were to see that an individual continually receives the same complaints, do you think you might reconsider bidding? Safe2Bid separates all Negative and Neutral feedback for you to view before you bid - given and received! Find out who regularly bids on a particular sellers auctions but never wins?? It's amazing what you can learn about someone just by viewing how and what they say to others - Safe2Bid is a valuable tool for bidders and sellers.

Krause Publications SuperSeller - 2/14/2002 Volume 2 Issue 12

Scam artist bilks collectors on eBay

See The Full Story Here!

Safe2Bid combines the abilities of a private investigator with the power of an outstanding Feedback Manager. Whether you are delving into the bidding histories of another or selectively leaving feedback, S2B saves you hours of time while providing  peace of mind.

eBay Advises:

  1. "While the vast majority of eBay transactions are trouble-free, rest assured that when fraud happens, our program can help." Notice they say "when fraud happens", not "if".  Here's how fraud is defined on eBay:

  2. Paying for an item and never receiving it or,

  3. Receiving an item that is less than what is described -- such as winning a solid gold necklace but receiving a copper one instead."


eBay advises: "Check the seller's reputation"

and goes on to explain...
  1. The number in parentheses next to a member's email address is that person's feedback rating—a tally of the comments other users have made about this seller.

  2. Click on that number to see actual comments—and find out what this seller is like to do business with."

How many Feedback pages are you going to manually sift through in search of Neutral and Negative Feedback? Safe2Bid does it for you with just a click. Don't be fooled into thinking there is less or no risk if a seller has hundreds or thousands of feedback and you fail to see any negatives by manually looking at the first feedback page or two. High volume sellers can have thousands of auctions running simultaneously, use Safe2Bid to really see how well they run their business.


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