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"Your program kicks ass and is a bargin at the price. --P."

"Just wanted to let you know that I have used the snipe program 50+ times so far without fail. Thanks and continue the good work. --A."

"This thing never loses... It's brutal... I even had one loser call me and ask me if I'd continue the bidding after the auction closed... Yeah right... --W.B."

"...just thought you'd like to know I "sniped" my first auction yesterday. The auction ended at 34 seconds before midnight. I set the snipe before going to bed around 11pm. This morning I'm the happy bid winner! The snipe took place with 8 seconds left to go. I KNOW there was a bidding war going on.... I convinced Cricket Jr saved me much more than its cost in this 1 auction alone! I'm a believer! Thanks and Thanks again! --D.R."

" Thanks for stealing my book & I never get upset. That book was more precious to me , then you'll ever know. I hope you burn in hell for it!! I curse you!!!!

David... My first piece of CJ "fan mail." CJ "sniped" it right out from under this guy....boy, is he pissed........... )   --H.W."

"Dave, Rob The program really works well. I had my first successful snipe last evening...set the program to snipe while I was away at a college football game. All went well and my snipe happened with 11 seconds left. Have a couple of important snipes on Monday which could save me significant money. I should have purchased the program LONG ago. I shudder to think of the money I lost because some moron decided to have a bid war. Thanks again for a great product. --M.S."

"Received my Cricket sniping software today. Used it to win an auction 2 hours after receiving it. It works great!! Thanks! I'm going to eBay now to leave positive feed back. Thanks for great service. --J.F."

"Hi David,  I just wanted to belatedly say "thanks" for the assistance in getting my registration completed. Working fine now. Also, I certainly agree that the program is undervalued. Should you find it necessary for those of us who got in early to "re-register", I would certainly be willing to do so. The quick and personal help you've provided is the best I've received from any software supplier!  Regards, --B.N. PS: I got my first "hate mail" the other day from a fellow who didn't like being sniped. Have you got any favorite responses? My only impression is that he's pretty new to eBay if this was something new to him.."

"Love it, Love it, Love it.  ...Have only had the program a couple of months tops. Have only used it only a dozen auctions or so, but the results are great. ...Have won nearly $1000 worth of auctions with it and it works great. I have been telling all the eBay people I know about the program, hope they buy it from ya. No need to respond or anything just wanted to let you know I'm alive and using the program with good success. Thanks, T.K."

As a handicapped bidder, who has been sniped on some very desired auctions, using Cricket Jr. works and definitely levels the playing field. Thank you very, very much for this software program!!!

Thanks Again, Dave!!!


Dear paddyhopper-

Thanks for all your assistance to get me up and running with the Cricket!  This is an absolutely marvelous program, saving me the time (and "occasional" frustration) of manually sniping as well as some definitive CASH by continuing to avoid setting my presence in an auction to get into a bidding war.  Although there's no way to predict how things would have been otherwise, from watching/bidding/sniping a number of items which are continually posted & bought over an extended period I do believe I've already got my investment back from the purchase price of Cricket Jr by finally auto-sniping several items I've wanted, and at a much lower than "normal" cost (and even less than I was willing to pay!).

Ended forever are the auctions which pass by due to a lack of my availability to be there for the manual-snipe, or organizing schedules around auction endings only to have the price go beyond my desires (and have wasted my time there!).I found Cricket Jr extremely easy to set-up and
operate (except the glitch about "who's who" selling which download: LOL).  The Web-Pages of instructions & FAQ as well as the built-in Help Files seem to be very concise and well planned: I'm even further impressed.  You and your brother have brought a fine and needed (but only by me: snick-snick) tool to the eBay auction: you are to be commended.  PLEASE keep up the good work with your improvements: I'm really looking forward to the multi-snipe & tracking capabilities of Version-4 Deluxe!  I too have left yet another in the long string of Praise eBay Feedbacks posted regarding this transaction...

Thanx Again &
Take Care-John James Donaldson 

Let me tell you about GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!! 

MORE THAN TWO YEARS AGO I purchased Cricket and used it for about six months with GREAT results. Then I upgraded computers and hard drives and quit eBaying and lost the program. Two days ago I emailed Chris and told him I could not find my copy of the program or my registration information and asked for his help so I could resume SNIPING (my wife was frequently losing auctions at the last minute). 

Chris researched his records and sent me new download information along with the required registration password etc. THIS WAS ACCOMPLISHED IN TWO DAYS AND OVER A WEEKEND NO LESS!!!!

My wife and I are once again SNIPING and are VERY impressed with this gentleman’s response. WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD BE!!!! 

Long live the CRICKETMASTER!! 

Thanks Chris,

Joe O.

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